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Talk Radio Mysteries, Book Four

Radio talk show host Dr. Maggie Walsh finds herself in the middle of a murder—again! An invitation to a glitzy fundraiser at a south Florida mansion sounds like the perfect evening. Maggie and her pals are digging up clues for a scavenger hunt when a real mystery lands in their laps. Suddenly the party’s over, and the killer is playing for keeps. Will Maggie and her team be able to crack the case and solve the crime?

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Talk Radio Mystery #5 -- Death of a Shady Shrink

Who would want to kill a shady shrink? Well, someone got Gold! Dr. Alexander Gold, to be exact, a shady shrink, whose slogan "You've Got Gold!" made him into a household name. When he's found dead at a conference luncheon in a glitzy Palm Beach Hotel, Dr. Maggie discovers murder is on the menu. So she and her trusty crew of Lola and Vera Mae start to dig into the backgrounds of the guests and staff at the hotel. She finds some suspicious connections, a thirst for revenge, a hint of betrayal and a mountain of money. To unravel the clues and reveal the killer, Maggie will have to read between the lines--and the lies...